J.A.M. Bleijs

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This paper presents a method for the estimation of the effective wind speed acting on the rotor of a wind turbine in order to be used for the control of a variable speed stall regulated wind turbine. The estimation algorithm consists of a Kalman filter, estimating the aerodynamic torque acting on the rotor of the turbine, and a Newton-Raphson method, which(More)
The main objective of the presented work is to determine the ability of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic systems to reduce total and peak load demand in Saudi Arabia. Firstly, the impact of linking PV directly with grid has been assessed to find the level of penetration that can be achieved without any technical changes in the Saudi utility network. Actual data(More)
The main objective of the presented work is to investigate the effect of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic systems on the voltage regulation of a residential electricity network in Saudi Arabia. Firstly, a typical residential network is used as the base case. Actual data for both loads and irradiance has been used to build a realistic model. Then, two main(More)
This paper presents the development of a simulation platform in software and in hardware for stall regulated variable speed wind energy systems. The system under consideration uses an induction generator and a drive-train with gearbox. For the control of the system a gain scheduled controller is introduced for the whole operating region of the turbine.(More)
This paper presents a new combined design of a passive series LC filter with a 3-phase diode bridge rectifier using three capacitors at the input of the bridge rectifier to boost the dc output voltage without the need for active switching devices. Therefore the rectifier can be use for machine drives without requiring machine de-rating or overmodulation(More)
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