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Some fused 5H-pyridazino[4,5-b]indoles (7-10), substituted in positions 1 and 4 by hydrazine and/or amino groups, have been synthesized. These new compounds present a planar topography, a dipole with an adjacent acidic proton, and a basic hydrogen-acceptor site opposite the dipole. These compounds have some resemblance to carbazeram and other pyridazino(More)
In order to assess the impact of crop rotation and nitrogen fertilisation in an agro system, a long-term field experiment has been established in 2006 at the experimental farm of Ghent University and University College Ghent (Bottelare-Belgium). The trial comprises 11 different crop rotations in combination with four nitrogen fertilizer regimes. The(More)
Over the last century, linear algebra theory and matrix computations became irreplaceable, not only for high-tech industries, but also in every corner of our computerised society. Most of the time, any given problem (linear or not) is reduced to finding the solution of a linear system. Thus, the possibility of solving large linear systems in a reasonable(More)
Weed control in sweet lupins is still a problem. Especially the phytotoxicity of herbicides in sweet lupins is not enough studied. Therefore a screening with 16 selected herbicides and 4 lupin varieties has been set up. During the growing season 2005, 10 of the tested herbicides were applied in pre-emergence, 6 in post-emergence. Pre-emergence: Most of the(More)
Integrated pest management has been implemented as a general practice by EU legislation. As weed control actually is the most important crop protection measure in maize for Western Europe, the new legislation will have its impact. The question is of course which systems can be successfully implemented in practice with respect to labour efficiency and(More)
Without foliage destruction an efficient harvest is impossible. Potatoes for the fresh market are often harvested when the foliage is still heavy green due to tuber size and starch content that must be limited. Tubers from immature vines are typically very susceptible to skinning and mechanical injury during harvest. Young tubers from immature vines need(More)
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