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The interplay between discrete vibrational and electronic degrees of freedom directly influences the chemical and physical properties of molecular systems. This coupling is typically studied through optical methods such as fluorescence, absorption and Raman spectroscopy. Molecular electronic devices provide new opportunities for exploring(More)
The similarity criteria which ensure the similarity between flow and temperature fields of both the low-temperature turbine cavity model and the actual high-temperature turbine cavity are derived and then verified using numerical simulation of two different sized rotor-stator system turbine cavities. The analytical solution of three-dimensional(More)
The random medium model is used to interpret the polarimetric active and passive me_urements of saline ice. The ice layer is described as a host ice medium embedded with randomly distributed inhomogeneitles, and the underlying sea water is considered as a homogeneous halbspaee. The scatterers in the ice layer are modeled with an ellipsoidal correlation(More)
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