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In the McGurk effect, perceptual identification of auditory speech syllables is influenced by simultaneous presentation of discrepant visible speech syllables. This effect has been found in subjects of different ages and with various native language backgrounds. But no McGurk tests have been conducted with prelinguistic infants. In the present series of(More)
Seeing a talker's face can improve the perception of speech in noise. There is little known about which characteristics of the face are useful for enhancing the degraded signal. In this study, a point-light technique was employed to help isolate the salient kinematic aspects of a visible articulating face. In this technique, fluorescent dots were arranged(More)
This paper builds on initial work on specifying robot motion using human-inspired motor programs. The existing method relies on a series of square wave torque pulses to actuate the robot. Using such pulses to produce motions with a robot will generate large peaks in absolute jerk — change in acceleration per unit time — which can damage the(More)
Maintaining consistent operational efficiency and productivity levels through effective and reliable workflow processes can be the key to businesses realising long-term profit margins. This can be difficult to achieve if the challenges that affect this dual paradigm are not fully understood. Where human input is an integral part of the business workflow,(More)
The functional organization of the human brain consists of a high degree of connectivity between interhemispheric homologous regions. The degree of homotopic organization is known to vary across the cortex and homotopic connectivity is high in regions that share cross-hemisphere structural connections or are activated by common input streams (e.g., the(More)
Supplement. Materials and methods Light sources—Ultraviolet light emitters were fit with dichroic glass filters, effectively eliminating any light visible to humans. There were no objects visibly fluorescing in the areas illuminated by the UV emitters. At night, the treated areas looked dark to human observers. To confirm that the trees were being lit by UV(More)
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