J. A. Jiménez-Tejada

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The thermal and gate-voltage dependencies for the capture and emission times of random telegraph signals have been theoretically analyzed in a Si-SiO2 interface. A quasi-two-dimensional treatment of the interaction between a neutral near-interface oxide trap and an electron in the subband of the inversion layer has been developed to obtain expressions for(More)
In this work we present an innovative experience directed to the improvement of Electrical Engineering teaching at Universidad de Granada, Spain. We generated a video presentation using three-dimensional animation to show the concept of density of states in a crystal. Further, we comment on the main obtained results on the students, and we gather some(More)
A real (nonabrupt) p-n junction has been theoretically analyzed. It consists of a graded profile of shallow dopant atoms and a uniform profile of deep impurities, their relative concentrations varying along the structure (i.e., there are regions where deep impurity concentration is highest and others where dopant concentration dominates). This type of(More)
We present in this work a correction to the Effective Mass Approach based on atomistic calculations for studies on hole confinement in silicon quantum dots. The idea is to connect two different frameworks such as Tight-Binding and k.p in order to take advantage of the computational efficiency of the latter. Further, this work would enable to gain an insight(More)
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