J. A. Hernandez

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This paper describes a prototype software system that implements a form of feature-based design for assembly. It is not an automated design system but instead a decision and design aid for designers interested in Concurrent Design. Feature-based design captures design intent (assembly topology, product function, manufacturing, or field use) while creating(More)
Goal relationships resulting from the initial data and subsequent processing can he used to dynamically construct a partial topology of the solution space based on what appear to be feasible solutions. This structure can be used to make control decisions that significantly reduce the amount of search required to solve a problem in a complex domain. We(More)
Kemp's ridley sea turtle is an endangered species found in the Gulf of Mexico and along the east coast of the USA. Cold-stunned Kemp's ridley turtles are often found stranded on beaches of Massachusetts and New York in November and December each year. When found alive, turtles are transported to rehabilitation centres for evaluation and treatment. Blood gas(More)
Inverse Artificial neural network (iANN) is applied to optimize the parameters for hydraulic turbine runner blades. This proposed method (iANN) inverts the artificial neural network (ANN) and uses an optimization method to find the optimum parameter value (or unknown parameter) for given required conditions. In order to do so, first an ANN, which consists(More)
The design of an assembly system is a complex problem, often requiring large teams of engineers with significant experience and expertise. Based on studies of the product design, these teams must select an assembly sequence, generate a corresponding process plan, identify the resources capable of completing the tasks in the process plan, and group these(More)
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