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Whereas humans and certain birds experience an abrupt change in locomotor dynamics when shifting from walks to runs, a smooth walk–run transition characterizes many grounddwelling birds. This study defines the biomechanical distinction between walks and runs in the Elegant-crested Tinamou Eudromia elegans using ground reaction forces. Three birds were(More)
There are two currently influential views regarding the link between cognitive distortions and depression. The first states that depressed individuals perceive the world and themselves with a strong negative bias or distortion, and that mentally healthy individuals perceive the word with relative accuracy. The second ''depressive realism'' camp argues that(More)
Head-bobbing is the fore–aft movement of the head relative to the body during terrestrial locomotion in birds. It is considered to be a behaviour that helps to stabilize images on the retina during locomotion, yet some studies have suggested biomechanical links between the movements of the head and legs. This study analysed terrestrial locomotion and(More)
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