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A pregnant patient in the midtrimester of pregnancy was begun on a methadone detoxification program. The fetal neurobiologic response was monitored by serial amniotic fluid amines (epinephrine and norepinephrine). The detoxification program showed a marked fetal response of the adrenal gland (E) and sympathetic nervous system (NE) that was blunted when the(More)
True hermaphroditism is a rare form of intersexuality, and fertility in such an anomaly has been reported only once before in literature. A 19-year-old true hermaphrodite reared as a female with normal secondary sex characteristics and a karyotype of 46,XX was treated by removal of the left ovotestis. The right ovary and other pelvic organs were of a normal(More)
A total of 110 infants born to mothers who were either in a methadone maintenance program, using heroin, or recently detoxified, were studied during the neonatal period. Of these infants, 93.6 per cent developed withdrawal symptoms. No significant differences were determined in therapeutic response among those infants treated with methadone, phenobarbital,(More)
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