J. A. Guerrero

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In this work, we propose a heteroscedastic method in the detection of activity patterns of electroneurographic and electromyogram signals involved in rhythmic activities of nerves and muscles, respectively. The electric behavior observed in such signals is characterized by phases of activity and silence. The beginning and the length of electrically active(More)
In the near future, upcoming communications and storage networks are expected to tolerate major difficulties produced by huge amounts of data being generated from the Internet of Things (IoT). For these types of networks, strategies and mechanisms based on network coding have appeared as an alternative to overcome these difficulties in a holistic manner,(More)
In the present work, we develop a computational technique to approximate the changes of phase in temporal series associated to electric signals of muscles which perform activities at three different levels of intensity. We suppose that the temporal series are samples of independent, normally distributed random variables with mean equal to zero, and variance(More)
– In this work we analize the controllability and observability properties of several interconnection configurations such as the chain topology and ring topology as well as combinations of these two topologies. A leader/follower control strategy is proposed to control the center of mass of the multiple agent system. It is shown that the trajectory tracking(More)
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