J.A. Guama

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In this paper, we consider the potential use of adaptive arrays to improve the performance of multihop-RTS MAC protocol. In addition to this, we proposed to improve the performance of this MAC protocol by using two omni-directional control packets. These control packets are busy node list (BNL) and overall link state table (OLST). The performance of the(More)
Achieving optimal transmission throughput in data networks is known as a fundamental but hard problem. The situation is aggravated in mobile wireless networks due to interference among local wireless transmission. In this paper, we provided a cross-layer optimization for mobile ad-hoc network. We selected two protocols. These protocols are not applicable in(More)
In this paper, we conducted a comparison study of the existing directional MAC protocols that use Smart Antennas by contrasting their features. We found that, most of these protocols are not applicable in mobile environment This investigation discusses the challenges in improving some of these smart antenna-based MAC protocols. We proposed to upgrade two(More)
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