J. A. Goldberg

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There are no disease-modifying drugs for any old age associated neurodegenerative disease or stroke. This is at least in part due to the failure of drug developers to recognize that the vast majority of neurodegenerative diseases arise from a confluence of multiple toxic insults that accumulate during normal aging and interact with genetic and environmental(More)
This thesis explores the problems and possibilities of computer-controlled scent output. I begin with a thorough literature review of how we smell and how scents are categorized. I look at applications of aroma through the ages, with particular emphasis on the role of scent in information display in a variety of media. I then present and discuss several(More)
Dedicated in memory of my beloved father Motti Shriki who taught me to think differently and not to compromise Acknowledgements "When we will discover the laws underlying natural computation, we will finally understand the nature of computation itself. " John von Neumann The effort that was made in this work to take a small step forward in our understanding(More)
3 Acknowledgements My deepest gratitude is due to my advisor, Hagai Bergman, for encompassing far more than anyone could wish for in an advisor. His vast knowledge, analytical thought, experimental brilliance along with open-mindedness, absolute scientific integrity and undying curiosity are traits I could only hope to try to imitate. More importantly,(More)
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