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We describe two patients with lateral amyotrophic sclerosis who, after informed consent, received empirical treatment with intravenous cephtriaxone at a dose of 2 g/24 hours for three weeks, with no positive results. The pharmacokinetics of this cephalosporin is analyzed, along with the relationship between motor neuron disease, neuroborreliosis and(More)
Thoracic impedance cardiography is a noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring technique based on the physical principal of impedance, which can be defined as resistance to electrical flow. We report the case of a man who underwent orthotopic heart transplantation, during which the superior vena cava was found to drain into the coronary sinus. Impedance(More)
OBJECTIVE To study differences between the endocrine-metabolic and immune cell responses to spinal or intravenous administration of morphine for analgesia after radical prostatectomy. MATERIAL AND METHODS Prospective study of 60 patients randomized to 2 groups: in group A (n=30) morphine for postoperative analgesia was infused intravenously and in group B(More)
Factor V deficiency, or Owren's disease, is a rare inherited recessive autonomic disorder that is congenital. The bleeding in patients with this disease depends on plasma levels of factor V. Anesthetic management is similar to that used for patients with other coagulation disorders. On the one hand, it is useful to initiate infusion of plasma if purified(More)
Mastocytosis is a heterogeneous grouping of entities characterized by proliferation of mast cells in one or more organs or tissues. The skin is the most frequently affected organ, followed by bone marrow. The relevance of this disease to anesthesia lies in the fact that many drugs used can trigger massive release of chemical mediators of mast cells. We(More)
The macrothrombocytopenias make up a heterogeneous group of disease involving thrombocytopenia and giant platelets; other clinical or laboratory findings, such as hereditary nephritis, sensorineural hearing loss, leukocyte inclusions, and cataracts, may also be present. The tendency to bleeding is highly variable and is due to decreased expression of the(More)
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