J. A. G. Temple

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The use of ultrasonic arrays has increased dramatically within recent years due to their ability to perform multiple types of inspection and to produce images of the structure through post-processing of received signals. Phased arrays offer many advantages over conventional transducers in the inspection of materials that are inhomogeneous with spatially(More)
Experimental measurements have been made of the ultrasonic velocity and attenuation in some simple suspensions of, mainly, silicon carbide in water and in ethylene glycol. These are compared with theoretical predictions based on a novel hydrodynamic model. Predicted ultrasonic velocities are in excellent agreement with the measured values. Predicted and(More)
The chloroplast ATP synthase catalyzes the light-driven synthesis of ATP and is activated in the light and inactivated in the dark by redox-modulation through the thioredoxin system. It has been proposed that this down-regulation is important for preventing wasteful hydrolysis of ATP in the dark. To test this proposal, we compared the effects of extended(More)
The T-matrix approach is used to calculate the scattering of sound waves by an ellipsoidal void in a fluid. Results are presented for the total cross-section of a sphere as a function of frequency; this is related to the detection of the onset of bends in divers. Results are also presented for the angular variation in scattered amplitude when a plane wave(More)
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