J. A. G. Fonseca

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The TTCAN protocol is a new development in CAN technology that specifies a time-slot based communication mechanism. TTCAN technology avoids the transmission collisions commonly found in standard CAN networks. In TTCAN, all the message instances are transmitted only on previously allocated time-slots. No other instance may be transmitted on an allocated(More)
Real-time image processing requires high computational and I/O throughputs obtained by use of optoelectronic system solutions. A novel architecture that uses focal-plane optoelectronic-area I/O with a fine-grain, low-memory, single-instruction-multiple-data (SIMD) processor array is presented as an efficient computational solution for real-time(More)
In distributed systems the communication paradigm used for intertask interaction is the message exchange. Several approaches have been proposed that allow the specification of the data flow between tasks, but in real-time systems a more accurate definition of these data flows is mandatory. Namely, the specification of the required tasks' and messages'(More)
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