J.-A. Ferrez

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We address the weighted max-cut problem, or equivalently the problem of maximizing a quadratic form in n binary variables. If the underlying (symmetric) matrix is positive semidefinite of fixed rank d, then the problem can be reduced to searching the extreme points of a zonotope, thus becoming of polynomial complexity in O(n). Reverse search is an efficient(More)
where Q is an n × n rational symmetric matrix, is a classical NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem. It is well known that the weighted max-cut problem can be considered as a special case. In fact, there are simple polynomial reductions between the weighted max-cut problem and the 01QP. This intereting result, due to [13], will be reviewed in(More)
For production of high quality PBX charges, it is essential to have low viscosity formulations available during the casting process. As generally known, for a certain filling grade, casting viscosity depends strongly on particle size distribution and on particle shape. We have shown in previous work, that a high tap density of the solid energetic material(More)
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