J A Elvidge

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Propranolol, phenobartitone, diphenylhydantoin, amphetamine, imipramine and propoxyphene have been tritiated using tritiated water and platinum catalyst (from the dioxide and sodium borohydride), and the pattern of labelling has been ascertained by 3H n.m.r. spectroscopy. The results show that this exchange procedure can lead to satisfactory incorporation(More)
A fast fourier transform algorithm is implemented on a CMOS microprocessor for application to very low-frequency electric fields (<10 kHz) sensed on high-altitude scientific balloons. Two FFT's are calculated simultaneously by associating them with conjugate symmetric and conjugate antisymmetric results. One goal of the system was to detect spectral(More)
The regio- and stereo-specificity of the labelling in a series of tritiated steroid hormones has been examined by 3H n.m.r., which also yields quantitative information on the distribution of the tritium between the labelled sites. Complete analysis is thus readily achieved non-destructively. Hydrogen chemical shifts for various skeletal sites are provided(More)