J. A. Donaldson

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A report of three cases of spontaneous rectus sheath haematoma within a 1-month period in a single hospital. The common feature was the recent treatment with low molecular weight heparin. In contrast to the perceived benign nature of the classically-described haematoma, the cases described were life-threatening and required aggressive intervention.
Functional aspects of cochlear prostheses implanted in the scala tympani were tested in monkeys trained to perform a simple reaction-time task. Thresholds for detection of electrical stimulation and dynamic ranges were tested for a wide range of frequencies of sinusoidal stimulation and for biphasic rectangular pulses of various durations and repetition(More)
Eustachian tube and middle ear function has been studied in the acute and chronically prepared Rhesus monkey preparation. Measures have included observations of tympanometry and input impedance of the middle ear, of transmission of energy through the middle ear, of static middle ear pressure and of threshold and suprathreshold hearing. Positive and negative(More)
Most middle ear effusions are preceded by an episode of acute otitis media. Craniofacial abnormalities predispose to such problems, and eustachian tube dysfunction is thought to be an important factor as well. Mechanical obstruction of the tube by inflammation or functional obstruction due to increased compliance leads to a failure to clear secretions(More)