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Rats exposed prenatally to alcohol have shown deficits in spatial learning in radial-arm and Morris mazes. Prenatal exposure to alcohol in rats has also been shown to alter central nervous system (CNS) cholinergic function. Since cholinergic dysfunction disrupts spatial learning in normal rats, the present experiment assessed the role of putative prenatal(More)
OBJECTIVES Altered cytokine expression at the fetoplacental interface may be a potential mechanism for the development of fetal immune dysfunction in children with fetal alcohol syndrome. This study was conducted to determine whether first-trimester trophoblasts respond to ethanol exposure by the induction of specific cytokines. STUDY DESIGN HTR-8/SVneo(More)
High concentrations of alcohol (> or = 1.8%) were shown previously to impair health and viability of cultured hippocampal neurons. Because neurofilament proteins are essential for neuronal process outgrowth and differentiation, the effects of alcohol on these proteins were determined in the neuronal processes of primary cultured gestational day 18 rat(More)
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