J. A. D. McLaughlin

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History of perinatal complications (PCs) and first degree family history (FH) of psychiatric illness were examined in groups of schizophrenic/schizoaffective (n = 21) and bipolar (n = 10) patients. PCs were significantly more frequent in the schizophrenic and schizoaffective patients than in bipolar patients. An inverse relationship was found between PCs(More)
Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) Visual is a graphical standard for genetic engineering. It consists of symbols representing DNA subsequences, including regulatory elements and DNA assembly features. These symbols can be used to draw illustrations for communication and instruction, and as image assets for computer-aided design. SBOL Visual is a(More)
An evaluation of motion artefact for a newly CE approved wireless bodyworn monitoring device is presented. This evaluation has shown that the system under test has greatly reduced motion artefact with comparison to an FDA-approved leaded system. Analysis of physiological data, such as quality of ECG signal, accuracy of recording of heart rate, temperature(More)
This study examined neuroanatomical differences between male schizophrenic patients with a family history of psychosis (n = 16) and those without such a history (n = 15). Intracranial area, cerebral area, ventricular size, and cortical atrophy were assessed using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Third ventricular enlargement was more prevalent in patients(More)
An evaluation of a newly CE approved bedside monitoring device used in a general hospital ward is presented. This evaluation has shown that it is feasible to use the system within this environment to provide medical staff with supplementary information on patient health, at more frequent intervals than traditional monitoring methods. The physiological data(More)
This paper presents a prototyped novel chest-based Pulse Oximetry system, and reports on test results from comparative trials with a commercially available finger-based Pulse Oximetry system using several human subjects. The system was iteratively optimized through adjustment of optical component alignment (angular position, component distance,(More)
A case is described in which a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia was made using the criteria of Schneiderian first-rank symptoms. The patient showed the Capgras syndrome, with delusional misidentification of her son and other people in her environment, and also Ekbom's syndrome, with the delusion that she was infested with parasitic worms which migrated(More)
There exists a technology gap between portable diagnostic healthcare devices and the energy sources that power them. Battery technology has been developing more slowly than microprocessor, wireless, and data storage technologies, yet is fundamental to every nomadic healthcare device. Without either considerable battery development or a new approach to(More)