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Serotonin (5-HT) induces inositol phosphate production and the efflux of 45Ca2+ in a smooth muscle cell line (A7r5) derived from rat aorta. These effects were pharmacologically characterised and compared to data obtained in radioligand binding studies performed with the 5-HT2 ligand [3H]ketanserin in rat brain cortex membranes. 5-HT causes in increase in(More)
The effect of dihydropyridine calcium agonists and antagonists on 45Ca2+ uptake into primary neuronal cell cultures was investigated. K+ stimulated neuronal 45Ca2+ accumulation in a concentration dependent manner. This effect was further enhanced by the calcium agonists Bay K 8644 and (+)-(S)-202-791 with EC50 values of 21 nM and 67 nM respectively. The(More)
The effect of dihydropyridine agonists and antagonists on neuronal voltage sensitive calcium channels was investigated. The resting intracellular calcium concentration of synaptosomes prepared from whole brain was 110 +/- 9 nM, as assayed by the indicator quin 2. Depolarisation of the synaptosomes with K+ produced an immediate increase in [Ca2+]i. The(More)
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