J A Carmen

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Intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM) 1/CD54 plays an important role in T cell dependent B cell activation and for function of B lymphocytes as antigen-presenting cells. ICAM-1 expression is upregulated as a consequence of B lymphocyte antigen receptor (BCR) signaling, thereby serving to render antigen-stimulated B cells more receptive to T cell-mediated(More)
In an effort to elucidate the role of intrathymic Ia-bearing antigen-presenting cells (APC) on the development of the class II-restricted T cell repertoire, we examined the effect of neonatal anti-I-A treatment on both intrathymic and splenic APC function; on the generation of Lyt-2-,L3T4+, Lyt-2+,L3T4-, and Lyt-2+,L3T4+ T cells; and on the development of(More)
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