J A Brivati

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In the last decade radiofrequency continuous-wave EPR spectrometers have been developed to detect and localize free radicals in vivo. Only recently, pulsed radiofrequency EPR spectrometers have been described for imaging applications with small samples. In the present work, we show the first two-dimensional image obtained at 220 MHz on a large phantom (40(More)
Pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI) apparatus has developed very quickly. On the other hand, the development of apparatus for pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance imaging (EPRI) has been very slow. This fact is due to the extremely reduced relaxation times of the paramagnetic probes. EPR linewidths are larger than typical NMR linewidths.(More)
A novel coupling method that optimizes the axial RF distribution of low-frequency EPR loop-gap resonators is presented. It consists of a resonant coupling loop positioned at the centre of a two-section loop-gap resonator. This arrangement ensures a symmetrical distribution of the radio frequency field along the axis of the resonator. The design of a central(More)
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