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Mushroom picking has become a widespread autumn recreational activity in the Central Pyrenees and other regions of Spain. Predictive models that relate mushroom production or fungal species richness with forest stand and site characteristics are not available. This study used mushroom production data from 24 Scots pine plots over 3 years to develop a(More)
We characterize those analytic self-maps <p of the unit disc which generate bounded or compact composition operators Cv between given weighted Banach spaces H£° or H® of analytic functions with the weighted sup-norms. We characterize also those composition operators which are bounded or compact with respect to all reasonable weights v. 1991 Mathematics(More)
Interest in conversion of marginal agricultural lands to small oak woodlands for the production of black truffles (Tuber melanosporum Vittad.) is increasing in the native black truffle areas of France, Spain and Italy as well as suitable or amended sites throughout the world due to high economic returns for gastronomically valuable truffles. Successful(More)
Although successful cultivation of the black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) has inspired the establishment of widespread truffle orchards in agricultural lands throughout the world, there are many unknowns involved in proper management of orchards during the 6–10 years prior to truffle production, and there are conflicting results reported for fertilizer(More)
We have discovered small whirlpools in the Sun, with a size similar to the terrestrial hurricanes (. 0.5 Mm). The theory of solar convection predicts them, but they had remained elusive so far. The vortex flows are created at the downdrafts where the plasma returns to the solar interior after cooling down, and we detect them because some magnetic bright(More)
In this paper we present a review of forest models developed in Spain in recent years for both timber and non timber production and forest dynamics (regeneration, mortality). Models developed are whole stand, size (diameter) class and individual-tree. The models developed to date have been developed using data from permanent plots, experimental sites and(More)
High-resolution time series of sunspots have been obtained with the Swedish 1m Solar Telescope between 2003 and 2006 at different locations on the solar disc. Proper motions in seven different active regions have been studied. The analysis has been done by applying local correlation tracking to every series of sunspots, each of them more than 40 minutes(More)