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Adenylosuccinate lyase was cloned by functional complementation of an Escherichia coli purB mutant using an avian liver cDNA expression library. The derived amino acid sequence is homologous to the bacterial purB-encoded adenylosuccinate lyase which catalyzes the same two steps in purine biosynthesis as the enzyme from animals. Avian adenylosuccinate lyase(More)
The cytoplasmic domain of the human erythrocyte membrane protein, band 3 (cdb3), contains binding sites for hemoglobin, several glycolytic enzymes, band 4.1, band 4.2, and ankyrin, and constitutes the major linkage between the membrane skeleton and the membrane. Although erythrocyte cdb3 has been partially purified from proteolyzed red blood cells, further(More)
Pseudorabies virus was photoinactivated with a combination of methylene blue dye, light, and electricity. Viral suspensions were mixed with variable amounts of methylene blue dye and then were placed in a current source apparatus. Total inactivation of pseudorabies virus (1.7 X 10(6) 50% tissue culture infective doses per ml) was achieved with constant(More)
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