J A Azofra García

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Plant allergies are a frequent cause of visits to the allergologist. In the Alergologica 2005 study carried out in Spain, fruits were the main cause of food allergies [1]. Plant allergies in a specific population are related to consumption habits and to the pollen pattern of the region under study. The objective of this retrospective study was to determine(More)
We report a patient who developed asthma associated with exposure to cats. During his evolution he presented pulmonary infiltrates accompanied by eosinophilia in blood and sputum, hemoptysis and flu-like symptoms. The sera contained specific IgE and precipitating antibodies to cat epithelium. After a year without contact with cats, precipitating antibodies(More)
Comfort, safety and time saving makes air travel more and more popular and widely use by an increased number of people in a range of extended age frame. Recent concerns in the global news have again raised an issue about the association of thromboembolic disease and air travel. Although there are numerous studies in the literature examining venous(More)
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