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A method is proposed to measure global bending in DNA and RNA structures. It relies on a properly defined averaging of base-fixed coordinate frames, computes mean frames of suitably chosen groups of bases and uses these mean frames to evaluate bending. The method is applied to DNA A-tracts, known to induce considerable bend to the double helix. We performed(More)
The (3)J(C8-H1'), (3)J(C4-H1'), (1)J(C8-H8), (1)J(C1'-H1'), (1)J(C2'-H2'), and (1)J(C2'-H2'2) indirect scalar coupling constants were calculated with the density functional theory in the deoxyguanosine and riboguanosine molecules. The following geometry descriptors were considered in analysis of the structural dependence of the six J couplings: the(More)
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