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The purpose of this study was to investigate radon in the vicinity of geologic fault zones within the Krakow region of Poland, and to determine the influence of such formations on enhanced radon concentrations in soil. Radon ((222)Rn and (220)Rn) concentration measurements in soil gas (using ionization chamber AlphaGUARD PQ2000 PRO and diffusion chambers(More)
Radon measurements, as do any measurements, include errors in their readings. The relative values of such errors depend principally on the measurement methods used, the radon concentration to be measured and the duration of the measurements. Typical exposure times for radon surveys using passive detectors [nuclear track detectors, activated charcoal,(More)
In the present paper, modelling calculations with the Monte Carlo (MCNP4C) code were performed for the optimisation of the fast neutron and gamma-ray transmission, set-up, used for the humidity measurement of coke. The optimisation focused on maximising the sensitivity of the neutron flux to humidity changes and on lowering neutron-counting error, both(More)
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