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Power circuits are data structures which support efficient algorithms for highly compressed integers. Using this new data structure it has been shown recently by Myasnikov, Ushakov and Won that the Word Problem of the one-relator Baumslag group is is decidable in polynomial time. Before that the best known upper bound was non-elementary. In the present(More)
We introduce the peak normal form for elements of the BaumslagSolitar groups BS(p, q). This normal form is very close to the lengthlexicographical normal form, but more symmetric. Both normal forms are geodesic. This means the normal form of an element uv yields the shortest path between u and v in the Cayley graph. The main result of this paper is that we(More)
This paper continues the 2012 STACS contribution by Diekert, Ushakov, and the author as well as the 2012 IJAC publication by the same authors. We extend the results published there in two ways. First, we show that the data structure of power circuits can be generalized to work with arbitrary bases q≥2. This results in a data structure that can hold huge(More)
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