Jürina Anderson

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Reflex, mechanical and histochemical adaptations of the soleus muscle following 3 weeks of hindlimb suspension (HS) were measured in the rat. HS transformed the soleus muscle fibre type composition from predominantly slow, type I, to approximately equal proportions of fast, type II and slow fibres. Consistent with this transformation was an increase in the(More)
An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in the form of a blocking test is described for the detection of group specific antibodies to bluetongue virus (BTV). The test relies upon interruption of the reaction between BTV antigen and a group specific murine monoclonal antibody against BTV by addition of serial dilutions of bovine or ovine test sera(More)
The objectives of this study were to determine the dermal absorption, systemic elimination, and dermal wash efficiency for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). 14C-Labeled 42% PCB and 14C-labeled 54% PCB were topically and parenterally administered to rhesus monkeys and guinea pigs. Dermal absorption, determined by 14C urinary excretion, was extensive. In(More)
Immunohistochemical studies about the presence of fibronectin in the lungs were performed in a group of 73 fire victims (63 cases of intravital and 10 cases of postmortem burn) as well as in an unselected control group of 55 individuals not exposed to fire before death. The cases of intravital burn showed a significantly stronger fibronectin expression than(More)
The percutaneous absorption of two cosmetic fragrance materials, safrole and cinnamyl anthranilate, as well as of cinnamic alcohol and cinnamic acid, has been measured at occluded and non-occluded application sites. Absorption values were determined in the rhesus monkey in vivo. Absorption through human skin was measured by using excised skin in diffusion(More)
An intracranial malignant teratoma was identified in a 91-day-old male Wistar rat manifesting central nervous system-related clinical signs. This tumor occupied the right midbrain and portions of the right caudal cerebrum and cranioventral cerebellum. Microscopically, the tumor contained intermingled cartilage, bone (with medullary hematopoietic tissue),(More)
A blocking enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is described for the detection of group specific antibodies to bluetongue virus (BTV). The test is based upon the interruption of the reaction between BTV antigen and a group specific monoclonal antibody raised against BTV by the addition of serial dilutions of either bovine or ovine test sera. The(More)
Anderson and Marks (1962) showed that the reabsorption of pyruvate in the kidney tubules of normal subjects is nearly complete. In diabetics, while the plasma concentration of pyruvate may be twice that of normal subjects, the urinary excretion of pyruvate is usually three or four times greater (Takanami et al., 1960 ; Anderson and Mazza, 1963 ; Anderson et(More)
Early feeding by means of an intragastric milk drip has been practised in a group of 425 patients admitted to a regional hospital with bleeding peptic ulcers. A low overall mortality of 4.9% was achieved even though more than a quarter of the patients treated were more than 60 years old. The fallacies in comparing mortalities from gastrointestinal bleeding(More)
BACKGROUND Harvesting of hemopoietic stem cells (HSC) from G-CSF-primed BM for autologous transplantation is an alternative to collection of unprimed BM or G-CSF-primed peripheral blood (PB). However, the optimum number of days of G-CSF administration for this purpose is unknown. We set out to determine whether cell yields could be optimized by varying the(More)