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This paper describes two data-exchange formats for Automated Theorem Proving (ATP) tools. First, a language for writing the problems that are input to ATP systems, and for writing the solutions that are output from ATP systems, is described. Second, a hierarchy of values for specifying the logical status of an ATP problem, as may be established by an ATP(More)
The Ωmega proof development system [2] is the core of several related and well integrated research projects of the Ωmega research group. Ωmega is a mathematical assistant tool that supports proof development in mathematical domains at a user-friendly level of abstraction. It is a modular system with a central data structure and several complementary(More)
This paper describes two communication formalisms for Automated Theorem Proving (ATP) tools. First, a problem and solution language has been designed. The language will be used for writing problems to be input to ATP systems, and for writing solutions output by ATP systems. Second, a hierarchy of result statuses, which adequately express the range of(More)
The integration of constraint solvers into proof planning has pushed the problem solving horizon. Proof planning benefits from the general functionalities of a constraint solver such as consistency check, constraint inference, as well as the search for instantiations. However, off-the-shelf constraint solvers need to be extended in order to be be integrated(More)