Jürgen Wind

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head-mounted displays, immersive rooms like the CAVE, and BOOMs) provide full immersion inside the virtual environment. This is appropriate for numerous applications that emphasize navigating through a virtual space. However, a large class of problems exists for which navigation is not the critical issue. Rather, these applications demand a fine-granularity(More)
Voxelization is used in a number of applications, mainly in the field of volume graphics. We require it for a non-graphical application, the dynamic generation of animations for automatic presentation of models or scenes according to a user specified interest [1]. In this sketch we present the utilization of hardware accelerated voxelization to generate(More)
The Ndebele tribe of Southern Africa is divided into four sub-tribes, of which two, the Manala and the Ndzundza, live presently mainly in the Pretoria and Mpumalanga area of South Africa. The Ndzundza is the only Ndebele group practicing the decorative art of painting and beadwork. The craft of producing striking, colorful and geometric artwork has become(More)
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