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A benchmark for the evaluation of RGB-D SLAM systems
A large set of image sequences from a Microsoft Kinect with highly accurate and time-synchronized ground truth camera poses from a motion capture system is recorded for the evaluation of RGB-D SLAM systems.
Dense visual SLAM for RGB-D cameras
This paper proposes a dense visual SLAM method for RGB-D cameras that minimizes both the photometric and the depth error over all pixels, and proposes an entropy-based similarity measure for keyframe selection and loop closure detection.
An evaluation of the RGB-D SLAM system
We present an approach to simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) for RGB-D cameras like the Microsoft Kinect. Our system concurrently estimates the trajectory of a hand-held Kinect and
Robust odometry estimation for RGB-D cameras
This work registers two consecutive RGB-D frames directly upon each other by minimizing the photometric error using non-linear minimization in combination with a coarse-to-fine scheme, and proposes to use a robust error function that reduces the influence of large residuals.
3-D Mapping With an RGB-D Camera
A novel mapping system that robustly generates highly accurate 3-D maps using an RGB-D camera that applies to small domestic robots such as vacuum cleaners, as well as flying robotssuch as quadrocopters.
Semi-dense Visual Odometry for a Monocular Camera
We propose a fundamentally novel approach to real-time visual odometry for a monocular camera. It allows to benefit from the simplicity and accuracy of dense tracking - which does not depend on
Real-time visual odometry from dense RGB-D images
An energy-based approach to visual odometry from RGB-D images of a Microsoft Kinect camera is presented which is faster than a state-of-the-art implementation of the iterative closest point (ICP) algorithm by two orders of magnitude.
Camera-based navigation of a low-cost quadrocopter
A novel, closed-form solution to estimate the absolute scale of the generated visual map from inertial and altitude measurements and shows its robustness to temporary loss of visual tracking and significant delays in the communication process.
Real-Time Camera Tracking and 3D Reconstruction Using Signed Distance Functions
This paper presents a novel method for real-time camera tracking and 3D reconstruction of static indoor environments using an RGB-D sensor that is more accurate and robust than the iterated closest point algorithm (ICP) used by KinectFusion, and yields often a comparable accuracy at much higher speed to feature-based bundle adjustment methods such asRGB-D SLAM.
Volumetric 3D mapping in real-time on a CPU
A novel volumetric multi-resolution mapping system for RGB-D images that runs on a standard CPU in real-time and uses an octree as the primary data structure which allows the scene to represent the scene at multiple scales.