Jürgen Schumacher

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Building a methodology for developing and maintaining CBR applications is an important goal currently addressed by CBR researchers and practitioners. Since CBR application development is a special kind of software development, building a CBR methodology can certainly be viewed as a software engineering research and development activity. This paper presents(More)
This paper presents an overview of the INRECA methodology for building and maintaining CBR applications. This methodology supports the collection and reuse of experience on the systematic development of CBR applications. It is based on the experience factory and the software process modeling approach from software engineering. CBR development experience is(More)
empolis orenge 4.0, a component-based environment for knowledge management applications by empolis Knowledge Management, is a flexible and scalable Case-Based Reasoning shell for industrial applications , that also contains many components that provide functionality beyond the basic CBR paradigm. Further it can be extended easily by application-specific(More)
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