Jürgen Schulze

2Corinna Wolff
1Yuriy K. Bolbot
1Thomas Krummenerl
1Boris M. Blokhin
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In most cases, acute diarrhoea will become self-limiting during the first few days after onset. For young children, however, health risks may develop when the disease lasts longer than 3 days. The purpose of the present trial was to determine whether the stool frequency of infants and toddlers suffering from acute diarrhoea could be normalised more quickly(More)
BACKGROUND Probiotics are effective in inflammatory bowel diseases. Clinical effectiveness and dose dependency of E. coli Nissle (EcN) enemas were investigated in ulcerative colitis (UC). METHODS In a double-blind study, 90 patients with moderate distal activity in UC were randomly assigned to treatment with either 40, 20, or 10 ml enemas (N = 24, 23, 23)(More)
In this paper we compare nested dissection orderings obtained by diierent graph bisection heuristics. In the context of parallel sparse matrix factorization the quality of an ordering is not only determined by its ll reducing capability, but also depends on the dif-culty with which a balanced mapping of the load onto the processors of the parallel computer(More)
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