Jürgen Schubert

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Confocal laser endomicroscopy is a novel endoscopic technique that may allow imaging of living cells in lung tissue in vivo. We assessed the potential of this technique for the detection of histology during screening bronchoscopy for lung cancer. 32 patients with suspected malignancies underwent bronchoscopy with endomicroscopy using acriflavine(More)
Ferroelectric ferromagnets are exceedingly rare, fundamentally interesting multiferroic materials that could give rise to new technologies in which the low power and high speed of field-effect electronics are combined with the permanence and routability of voltage-controlled ferromagnetism. Furthermore, the properties of the few compounds that(More)
The Düsseldorf waterworks have been using riverbank filtration since 1870 with bank filtration as the most important source for public water supply in this densely populated and industrialised region. There have been many threats to this supply in the last few decades—e.g. poor river water quality, heavy clogging of the riverbed, accidental pollution—which(More)
Synthetic analogs of abscisic acid (ABA) and their inhibiting effect on transpiration rates of detached barley leaves are presented. By systematically varying the carbon skeleton of ABA, the influence of structural changes on biological activity was investigated. The results show that a properly substituted cyclohexane unit and a six-carbon side chain seem(More)
Doped EuO is an attractive material for the fabrication of proof-of-concept spintronic devices. Yet for decades its use has been hindered by its instability in air and the difficulty of preparing and patterning high-quality thin films. Here, we establish EuO as the pre-eminent material for the direct integration of a carrier-concentration-matched half-metal(More)
We have modeled InAs nanowires using finite element methods considering the actual device geometry, the semiconducting nature of the channel and surface states, providing a comprehensive picture of charge distribution and gate action. The effective electrostatic gate width and screening effects are taken into account. A pivotal aspect is that the gate(More)
This paper is focused on reducing the design time in a CAD framework environment by the optimal use of resources. A user-transparent load distribution system (Framework based LOad DIstribution System FLODIS) is presented that enables a distributed execution of design tools over a heterogeneous network of workstations. The basic idea of the proposed(More)
A first step towards a microfabricated potentiometric thin-film sensor array for the simultaneous detection of Pb, Cd and Cu has been realized. The sensitive layers used are on the basis of chalcogenide glass materials. These thin-film chalcogenide glass materials that consist of mixtures of Pb-Ag-As-I-S, Cd-Ag-As-I-S or Cu-Ag-As-Se have been prepared by(More)