Jürgen Schlegelmilch

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With continuously growing numbers of applications, enterprises face the problem of efficiently managing the assignment of access permissions to their users. On the one hand, security demands a tight regime on permissions; on the other hand, users need permissions to perform their tasks. Role-based access control (RBAC) has proven to be a solution to this(More)
While the importance of multi-tier architectures for enterpriseinformation systems is widely accepted and theirbenefits are well published, the systematic migration frommonolithic legacy systems toward multi-tier architectures isknown to a much lesser extent. In this paper we present apattern on how to re-use elements of legacy systems withinmulti-tier(More)
The transition from traditional paper libraries to digital libraries enables new strategies for the use and maintenance of artifact collections. Distributed software development can be regarded as a special case of digital library utilization, where developers or groups of developers are working on the same software geographically dispersed in time zones(More)
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