Jürgen Schackmann

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The advent of the internet is revolutionizing the financial services industry. In the future, electronic banking (EB) will become a strategic factor, evolving from mere transaction banking to the provision of individual, highly customized solutions. For this new way of EB it is essential to have a profound knowledge about the customer. In this paper, we(More)
Young adults are a subgroup particularly susceptible to traumatic injury; alcohol intoxication is a major risk factor for trauma in young adults. During the first hours following multiple trauma, however, little is known about the specific effects of alcohol intoxication on the circulatory response of critically injured young adults. The purpose of this(More)
For several years, the financial services industry has discovered the opportunities of different channels like the Internet, call-centers, WAP etc. Many banks built up separate direct banks focusing exclusively on the Internet and/or call-centers. Only recently, some banks started to reintegrate the direct banks with their traditional brickand-mortar banks(More)
Discoveries about the human genetic code and innovations to manipulate genes are rapidly advancing. Laboratory strategies used for recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid techniques have revolutionized medication production and have led to experimental protocols for gene therapy. The implications for critical care nursing practice are profound. To keep pace with(More)
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