Jürgen Ritter

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Let K/k be a finite Galois extension of number fields with Galois group G, and let S be a finite G-stable set of primes of K containing all archimedean primes. We denote the G-module of S-units of K by E = ES and let ∆S be the kernel of the augmentation map ZS → Z which sends each basis element p ∈ S to 1. We are concerned with invariants of K/k which are(More)
Heterogeneity and Variation in Resistance Mechanisms Among 223 Epidermal Growth Factor ReceptoreMutant NoneSmall Cell Lung Cancer Patients With > 1 Post-Resistance Biopsy Z. Piotrowska, K. Stirling, R. Heist, M. Campo, C. Rizzo, S.R. Digumarthy, M. Lanuti, F.J. Fintelmann, I. Lennes, A. Farago, J. Gainor, C.G. Azzoli, J. Temel, M. Mino-Kenudson, D.(More)
The interest in doing so comes from recent work in Iwasawa theory in which refined ‘main conjectures’ are formulated in terms of the K-theory of completed group algebras Zl[[G]] with G an l-adic Lie group (see [FK], [RW2]). For l-adic Lie groups of dimension 1, use of the integral logarithm L has reduced the ‘main conjecture’ to questions of the existence(More)
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