Jürgen Richter

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Neural Internet is a new technological advancement in brain-computer interface research, which enables locked-in patients to operate a Web browser directly with their brain potentials. Neural Internet was successfully tested with a locked-in patient diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis rendering him the first paralyzed person to surf the Internet(More)
60Co sources with dimensions identical to those of 192Ir have recently been made available in clinical brachytherapy. A longer half time reduces demands on logistics and quality assurance and perhaps costs. Comparison of the physical properties of 60Co and 192Ir with regard to brachytherapy. Required activities for the same air kerma rate are lower by a(More)
In 1998 an ESTRO Quality Assurance Network for radiotherapy (EQUAL) has been set up for 25 European countries for photon and electron beams in reference and non-reference conditions. Material and Methods: Measurements are done using LiF powder (DTL937-Philitech, France) that is processed with the PCL3 automatic reader (Fimel-PTW). The participating centers(More)
This paper develops new combinatorial and geometric techniques for studying the topology of the real semialgebraic variety 31 (M) of all realizations of an oriented matroid M . We focus our attention on point configurations in general position, and as the main result we prove that the realization space of every uniform rank 3 oriented matroid with up to(More)
Modelling radio wave propagation through vegetation is becoming increasingly more important. Many emperical solutions have been suggested in the past. The theory of radiative energy transfer offers an analytical method to the problem. This theory requires however 4 imput paramters, which need to be established experimentally. A measurement of the angular(More)