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The introduction of Java has been heralded as a revolution in network computing. Certainly, machine and operating system independent applets ittering through the Internet promised to jazz up web surrng; but could they be used to advantage for distributed comput-ing? The authors had encountered substantial problems in implementing a distributed revision(More)
In mice, homozygous for the retinal degeneration slow (rds) gene, the photoreceptor cells lack outer segment disc structures, contain low amounts of rhodopsin, and degenerate slowly, while the inner retinal layers remain intact. The electroretinogram (ERG) from 1-month-old mutant mice shows a lower than normal amplitude but the time-to-peak is normal. The(More)
Remote method invocation in Java RMI allows the flow of control to pass across local Java threads and thereby span multiple virtual machines. However, the resulting distributed threads do not strictly follow the paradigm of their local Java counterparts for at least three reasons: Firstly, the absence of a global thread identity causes problems when(More)
Revision control has long been a standard part of software development. With the enormous expansion of the Internet and its increasing use as a means of communicating among geographically dispersed software developers, the need for distributed version control over the Internet has become acute. In order to address this need, the authors have developed a(More)
  • J H Reuter
  • 1976
1. The development of the ERG of the pigmented Dutch Belted rabbits is completed before the age of 5 weeks. 2. The a-wave amplitude attains the adult value by the age of 40 days. 3. The b-wave amplitude development is fastest before the age of 40 days but continues to increase afterwards probably due to increase of eye size. 4. Both a- and b-wave(More)
Rabbits were trained to discriminate between vertical and horizontal striations. After the 90% correct level had been reached transfer to vertical and horizontal rows of dots was studied. It was found that performance depended on the distance between adjacent dots. With angular dot separations (measured from the centers) larger than 4.9 degrees, performance(More)
<i>The current suite of systems that offer client/server capabilities for document versioning relies on proprietary protocols for communicating between a central versioning repository and a remote client. In order to support better document authoring via the Web, the DeltaV working group of the Web-DAV (WWW Distributed Authoring and Versioning) project of(More)