Jürgen Pannek

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OBJECTIVES To present a comprehensive experience with botulinum-A toxin (BTA) injected into the detrusor muscle in patients with spinal cord injuries/diseases causing neurogenic incontinence. METHODS Ten European medical centers provided the results of 231 patients with neurogenic detrusor overactivity who were treated with BTA. 300 units of Botox(More)
For nonlinear discrete time systems satisfying a controllability condition, we present a stability condition for model predictive control without stabilizing terminal constraints or costs. The condition is given in terms of an analytical formula which can be employed in order to determine a prediction horizon length for which asymptotic stability or a(More)
CONTEXT Most patients with neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction (NLUTD) require life-long care to maintain their quality of life (QoL) and to maximise life expectancy. OBJECTIVE To provide a summary of the 2008 version of the European Association of Urology (EAU) guidelines on NLUTD and to assess the effectiveness of currently available diagnostic(More)
An 8-year-old boy presenting with intermittent haematuria and dysuria was investigated with voiding cystourethrography (VCUG), urethroscopy and perineal MRI. VCUG and urethroscopy did not provide a definitive diagnosis, while MRI clearly demonstrated a homogeneous, oval cystic lesion extending from the bulbourethral glands and slightly impressing the(More)
CONTEXT Most patients with neuro-urological disorders require life-long medical care. The European Association of Urology (EAU) regularly updates guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of these patients. OBJECTIVE To provide a summary of the 2015 updated EAU Guidelines on Neuro-Urology. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION Structured literature searches in several(More)
To evaluate treatment outcomes and resource consumption of patients with neurogenic detrusor overactivity (NDO) before and after botulinum toxin A (Botox ® ) therapy in Germany. In a multi-center, cross-sectional, retrospective cohort study, data of patients with NDO 12 months before and after the first Botox ® therapy were analyzed. 214 patients (mean age(More)
STUDY DESIGN A systematic literature review. OBJECTIVES To systematically assess the existing knowledge about treatment of neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction (NLUTD) in pregnant women with traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI), as urologic management of these patients is mandatory, but no guidelines are available. SETTING Paraplegic center in(More)
[1] Nitti VW. Pressure flow urodynamic studies: the gold standard for diagnosing bladder outlet obstruction. Rev Urol 2005;7(Suppl 6):S14–21. [2] Griffiths D. Basics of pressure-flow studies. World J Urol 1995;13: 30–3. [3] Hill AV. The heat of shortening and the dynamic constants of muscle. Proc R Soc Lond B Biol 1938;126:136–95. [4] In: Griffiths DJ(More)
PURPOSE The cellular mechanisms involved in unstable uncontrolled detrusor contractions in the human bladder remain unknown. One hypothesis, based on electron microscopical observations and animal studies, is that gap junctions are present in the human detrusor and are increased in patients with detrusor overactivity. Thus intercellular electrical coupling(More)