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CalVR: an advanced open source virtual reality software framework
We developed CalVR because none of the existing virtual reality software frameworks offered everything we needed, such as cluster-awareness, multi-GPU capability, Linux compatibility, multiuser support, collaborative session support, or custom menu widgets. Expand
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The future of the CAVE
The CAVE, a walk-in virtual reality environment typically consisting of 4–6 3 m-by-3 m sides of a room made of rear-projected screens, was first conceived and built in 1991. In the nearly two decadesExpand
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Continuous-Motion Text Input in Virtual Reality
We implemented a prototype for the Oculus Rift with a Leap Motion controller on it that combines a novel continuous-motion text input method with hand gestures to demonstrate an all-purpose, intuitive method of text input. Expand
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Soft robotic glove for kinesthetic haptic feedback in virtual reality environments
We propose a wearable soft robotic haptic feedback glove for force feedback in virtual environments. Expand
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At-Risk World Heritage and Virtual Reality Visualization for Cyber-Archaeology: The Mar Saba Test Case
For years, humans have been fascinated with the preservation of material culture, from small artifacts to entire landscapes, and have seen them as having significant cultural value, as tangible linksExpand
The WAVE and 3 D : How the Waters Might Have Parted — Visualizing Evidence for a Major Volcanic Eruption in the Mediterranean and Its Impact on Exodus Models 12
To fully engage in Late Bronze Age “world building” and the Exodus narrative for the EX3 exhibition (see Chap. 11), transdisciplinary research in archaeology, geology, and computer graphics wereExpand