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The Transformation of the World: A Global History of the Nineteenth Century
A monumental history of the nineteenth century, The Transformation of the World offers a panoramic and multifaceted portrait of a world in transition. Jurgen Osterhammel, an eminent scholar who hasExpand
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Edward W. Said und die "Orientalismus"-Debatte : ein Rückblick
The artide discusscs thc contribution 01' Edward W. Said's inftuential treatisc "Orientalism" (197H) 10 the study of intercultural pcrceptions. Smd's malll theses are recapitulated and contrasIedExpand
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Nationalism and Globalization
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The Vanishing Nineteenth Century in European History
CENTURIES rarely get lost forever, though they may pass out of fashion. Max Weber’s “light of the great cultural problems” moves on to illuminate other ages.1 After periods of intense scholarlyExpand
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British business in China, 1860s-1950s
Jiirgen Osterhammel 7.1 Introduction The historical role of foreign business in any comparatively less developed country can be analysed from at least four different points of view. From a globalExpand
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In Search of a Nineteenth Century
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