Jürgen Mottok

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Embedded real-time systems are often used in harsh environments, for example engine control systems in automotive vehicles. In such ECUs (Engine Control Unit) faults can lead to serious accidents. In this paper we propose a safety embedded architecture based on coded processing. This framework only needs two channels to provide fault tolerance and allows(More)
This paper presents the reliability evaluation of task execution during safe software processing. The standard method of duplication in a safety-critical application can also be applied for tasks in a software system. But in addition to this, there is also the possibility for coded task processing to increase the reliability and availability of software.(More)
Software integration testing is often a bottleneck in the development process. Selecting the next component to integrate often depends heavily on integrators expertise or solely on the integration schedule. This may lead to an increasing number of stubs and makes testing more difficult. In this work we present a novel metric to calculate the test complexity(More)
Wirklichkeit "), 2. Rekonstruktion (" Wir sind die Entdecker unserer Wirklichkeit ") und 3. Dekonstruktion (" Es könnte auch anders sein! Wir sind die Enttarner unserer Wirklichkeit! "). Die grundsätzliche Ausrichtung ist: " Selbst erfah-ren, ausprobieren, untersuchen, experimentieren, immer in eigene Konstruktion ideeller oder materi-eller Art überführen(More)
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