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We appreciate support from Lattix, Inc., which provided us with the software used to document the architecture of the products and sequence our matrices to calculate some of our control variables. We thank Neeraj Sangal and Frank Waldman for insightful feedback throughout this research and Christoph Loch for his comments on an earlier version of this paper.(More)
We study how software architecture relates to quality. Based on a software architecture representation that accounts for not only the hierarchical arrangement of its subsystems and components but also their dependency structure, we formally define the notion of system cyclicality. System cyclicality is an architectural property that captures the fraction of(More)
  • J C Mihm
  • 1994
"The results and experiences of the 1990 [U.S.] census demonstrate that the American population has grown too diverse and dynamic to be accurately counted solely by the traditional 'headcount' approach, and that fundamental changes must be implemented for a successful census in 2000. In the past, each census was more accurate than the preceding one, in(More)
A Working Paper is the author's intellectual property. It is intended as a means to promote research to interested readers. Its content should not be copied or hosted on any server without written permission from publications.fb@insead.edu Find more INSEAD papers at Which inventions should a company patent? Should it patent at all? Many companies engaged in(More)
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