Jürgen Mihm

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Coordination among many interdependent actors is key activity in complex product development projects. The challenge is made more difficult in concurrent engineering processes, as more activities happen in parallel and interact. This coordination becomes progressively more difficult with project size. We do not yet sufficiently understand whether this(More)
This paper examines the impact of architectural decisions on the level of defects in a product. We view products as collections of components linked together to work as an integrated whole. Previous work has established modularity (how decoupled a component is from other product components) as a critical determinant of defects, and we confirm its(More)
We study how software architecture relates to quality. Based on a software architecture representation that accounts for not only the hierarchical arrangement of its subsystems and components but also their dependency structure, we formally define the notion of system cyclicality. System cyclicality is an architectural property that captures the fraction of(More)
A Working Paper is the author's intellectual property. It is intended as a means to promote research to interested readers. Its content should not be copied or hosted on any server without written permission from publications.fb@insead.edu Find more INSEAD papers at Which inventions should a company patent? Should it patent at all? Many companies engaged in(More)
"The results and experiences of the 1990 [U.S.] census demonstrate that the American population has grown too diverse and dynamic to be accurately counted solely by the traditional 'headcount' approach, and that fundamental changes must be implemented for a successful census in 2000. In the past, each census was more accurate than the preceding one, in(More)
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