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Global climate changes and global warming influence the marine environment. Warming of the sea water may result in excessive algae blooming. A novel ZigBee based buoy platform was developed, that allows temperature monitoring with high spatial resolution. Each buoy appears as a node in a large network - direct communication with the network coordinator is(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are entering the daily life of many. Like wireless LAN before, these are a new playground for developers, but also offer new ways for misuse of this technology. For the improvement of security and to get more valuable data about new attacks, a honeypot for WSNs is in development. This paper presents an effectiveness analysis(More)
Common defects in electromagnetic actuators due to the manufacturing process are heterogeneous magnetic properties of the materials, cracks and defects in the magnetic materials and parasitic air gaps in and directly around the magnetic circuit. In most cases the error cause can be found in the value chain and is caused by material handling, assembling(More)
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