Jürgen Kunze

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Resource adaptivity: Because the sets of struc-Natural language parsing is conceived to be a procedure of disambiguation, which successively reduces an initially totally ambiguous structural representation towards a single interpretation. Graded constraints are used as means to express well-formedness conditions of different strength and to decide which(More)
The topic of the paper is the problem how to define case relations by semantic predicates. A general principle is outlined , which renders it possible to "calculate" case relations for a given representation of a (verb-)sememe by means of expressions. This principle is based on an assignment of case relations to primitive predicates and modification rules(More)
1. Data bases, as parts of procedures It is of some advantage to compose procedures for automatic langua6e processing of two parts: (i) a logical part (rspresent~u~ the algQrithm proper) as the procedural component; (ii) an information part (containing the specific items of information and depending on concrete languages and purposes) as the data base. The(More)
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