Jürgen Kunz

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Using conventional rigid industrial manipulators for service robotics applications typically demands huge efforts for safety measurements resulting in high installation and operation costs. We present how the BioRob robot arm is based on a combination of compliant actuation and lightweight mechanical design to obtain the flexibility, mobility and, most(More)
This paper presents the modeling of the lightweight BioRob robot arm with series elastic actuation for simulation and controller design. We describe the kinematic coupling introduced by the cable ac-tuation and the robot arm dynamics including the elastic actuator and motor and gear model. We show how the inverse dynamics model derived from these equations(More)
The problem of diagnosing vasculitic neuropathy is discussed based on case reports of two patients with Wegener's granulomatosis. One patient developed de novo 6(th) nerve palsy as an isolated relapse manifestation and the second patient a sequence of multiple cranial nerve palsies. Brain imaging with CT and MRI and the laboratory provided no clues(More)
INTRODUCTION This study presents our online-teaching material within the k-MED project (Knowledge in Medical Education) at the university of Marburg. It is currently organized in five e-learning modules: cytogenetics, chromosomal aberrations, formal genetics, fundamentals of molecular diagnostics, and congenital abnormalities and syndromes. These are basic(More)
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