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This is a discussion document for the IEEE document of the IEEE 802.15.4a channel modeling subgroup. It provides models for the following frequency ranges and environments: for UWB channels dovering the frequency range from 2 to 10 GHz, it covers indoor residential, indoor office, industrial, outdoor, and open outdoor environments (usually with a(More)
— This paper describes a comprehensive statistical model for UWB propagation channels that is valid for a frequency range from 3-10 GHz. It is based on measurements and simulations in the following environments: residential indoor, office indoor , built-up outdoor, industrial indoor, farm environments, and body area networks. The model is independent of the(More)
— NoW – Network on Wheels is a German research project carried out by major car manufacturers , suppliers, research institutes and universities, and supported by the German government. The project develops a vehicular communication system for car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication based on ad hoc principles and wireless LAN technology for road(More)
New wireless communications systems at 60 GHz are a promising solution to reach Giga-bit data rates for short range communications, e.g., for in-flight-entertainment (IFE) systems. For shadowed 60 GHz IFE systems, high resolution and multi-antenna time-varying channel characterisation are mandatory. This paper presents the first wideband 60 GHz real-time(More)
− In this work we try to approach the problem of UWB radio channel modeling from two different directions. At first, we consider basic properties of antennas, because they are essential elements of the radio channel. We present a self-contained description of the spatio-temporal transmit and receive characteristic for a generic antenna model. Based on that,(More)
— We present an overview of physical and medium-access-control (MAC) layer research for communication and local-ization in ultra-wideband (UWB) sensor networks for industrial applications, and provide a summary of our results obtained under the umbrella of the EU Integrated Project PULSERS. The focus of our work is on fundamental questions about UWB channel(More)
This paper describes the specific development of a high-data-rate 57-64-GHz point-to-multipoint wireless local-area network communication system and the worldwide first installation of such a system into an aircraft cabin mock-up. All of the system components, from the RF-chip-set, the low-temperature cofired ceramic integrated antennas, and RF modules to(More)