Jürgen Koslowski

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Linear bicategories are a generalization of bicategories, in which the one horizontal composition is replaced by two (linked) horizontal compositions. These compositions provide a semantic model for the tensor and par of linear logic: in particular, as composition is fundamentally noncommutative, they provide a suggestive source of models for noncommutative(More)
In an E, M-category X for sinks, we identify necessary conditions for Galois connections from the power collection of the class of (composable pairs) of morphisms in M to factor through the " lattice " of all closure operators on M , and to factor through certain sublattices. This leads to the notion of regular closure operator. As one byproduct of these(More)
A. The cyclic Chu-construction for closed bicategories with pullbacks, which generalizes the original Chu-construction for symmetric monoidal closed categories, turns out to have a non-cyclic counterpart. Both use so-called Chu-spans as new 1-cells between 1-cells of the underlying bicategory, which form the new objects. Chu-spans may be seen as a(More)
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